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Happier and Healthier You

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Happier and Healthier You

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Gary Ditsch
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Many people dream about living happier and healthier lives, however it can be challenging to break out of old habits and develop new behaviors. Even when your motivation is high, it can be confusing to know what strategy to use and where to start. In this confusion, I see many people spend weeks, months and even years trying to create a new lifestyle, then experience a series of starts and stops.

This journal is an easy to use companion to the Happier and Healthier You program, making it simple to follow along, as you complete the daily activities and build your daily routines.

The program was designed to remove the confusion and provide a daily roadmap for you to follow. It makes getting started on your journey to a happier and healthier life, VERY SIMPLE.

While it is simple, it does require a commitment and will not always be easy.

In this program you will be given action steps to take each and every day. They start with small tasks, so you can be successful and gain momentum. Each week you will:

  • Learn why the tasks you are doing are important
  • Implement the strategies associated with that week's action plan
  • Practice the habits, behaviors and daily routines you've developed in previous weeks.

How to use the journal

  • Download the journal (pdf format)
  • Print out each week's action plan and daily worksheet. We suggest printing one week at a time.
  • Read the weekly readings, as they are assigned. Read this content on the website, the pdf or printing the copy.
  • Complete each day's tasks.

Here is what you will get with the journal:

  • 13 weekly action plans and worksheets
  • All the articles and information that are part of the program
  • Free updates to the pdf journal - forever

I'm thankful for your interest in the program, but even more excited that you are considering moving beyond the confusion and willing to take action today to improve your happiness and health.

Gary Ditsch

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